Sunday, March 30, 2008

More New Things

I just thought i would mention some other new things we've tried for our current RDI goal.

1. Nutcracker: I finally hunted down a nutcracker in the stores. Those things are amazingly hard to find! I didn't find those basic versions we all remember from when we were kids. The only one I found is probably ergonomically correct (at least it looks like it could be) and also cracks seafood and was $10!!! I already had some pecans that needed to be eaten so I guess it was well worth it. It was sooo cute because after Pooh cracked them, he started feeding me the bits of nuts. He hates nuts so I guess he figured he'd better feed them to me so he wouldn't have to eat them. LOL

2. Making a protein shake with the blender. If we've ever done this, it was so long ago that Pooh didn't seem to remember. He referenced me all over the place for this activity. Also, I scaffolded the activity in the sense that when it was time to turn on the blender, I covered his ears for him so he could continue to be part of it.

3. Using the Wrap n Learn Math version from Discovery Toys. Pooh didn't reference as much with this one I think because he was so intense on figuring it out with matching the pictures.

4. Showing him a new kitchen tool---Pampered Chef's Finger Guard. Pooh declared that 'it's a great invention!" and i have to agree. Now i don't worry so much about him chopping off a fingertip or two and he feels easier about holding on to the vegetables as he's chopping. Before he would just chop 'at' the veggies if you know what i mean. He was keeping his free hand far away from the blade. We also chopped a new vegetable---drum roll please...........

CABBAGE. I can hear everybody now saying "oooooooo aaahhhhhhh". he he

5. Pruning shears. This was something laying on the kitchen island that Pooh picked up on his own and asked about. So I got my vase of fresh flowers and had him nip a bit of the ends off a few. Pretty cool when they do it on their own!!

That's all that I can remember right now. The crayon making was a bust because the mold wasn't included in the box. I guess I'll try to hunt one down from crayola one day. I also bought a little origami set but I tried it by myself one night and I have a feeling it may just be too hard. We'll see. Target had a couple of little sets on sale that i picked up--sewing elephants was one and I can't remember the other, but they're on my very long "To Do" list.

This has been a crazy last two weeks and I'll blog separately about some other goings on soon.

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