Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Back!!

Well, I'm back, I hope. That was a longer break than I was expecting. There was a lot going on around here. We had great days at the pool. Pooh decided one day that he was ready to swim without his water wings. He just took off!! It made me a little nervous at first because he was even swimming in the deep end and jumping off the diving board---the first day!!!! But he did great and we were sooo proud of him. He was very proud of himself too. We used that opportunity to express how practicing helps to learn something new and sometimes it takes a lot of practice.

We also had the kids party. It was an Outerspace theme. The King and I made space packs out of soda bottles, cereal boxes and aluminum foil. They were a hit. We planted "moon rocks" around the yard (pieces of candy covered with foil) and the kids went on a moon rock hunt. We also found a rocket sprinkler at Walmart on sale. That thing was a big hit. It shoots 16 feet into the air. The kids had fun spraying each other. I'll be getting that water bill soon. :O I also made an earth cake and little alien ship cupcakes with icing aliens. It was my first time making my own icing and coloring it for decorating. It turned out pretty good. Even though it all took about 4 hours to do. Thankfully, my mom kept the boys for the two nights before the party so I could finish all the preparation. Boy, was I tired by the end of it all.

We have been on an RDI hold for the past couple of months due to finances. The King will find out this week whether or not he still has a job. Ugh. We went thru this last year and it's no fun. I haven't been doing much videoing lately and I need to get back to that. It makes me concentrate on the RDI and plan what I'm going to do next. It seems like I've been concentrating so much on implementing some of Charlotte Mason's homeschooling method, that the RDI is getting pushed aside. I need to find more of a balance with that.

That's a quick update for where we're at. My goal will be to update here a couple times a week and to fill in some of the holes as regards our homeschooling adventure over the last couple months.

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The Glasers said...

Welcome Back!!!!!

I have been hoping all was well with you . . . Congratulations on the new swimmer and the great party!

I pray about The King's job!

One thing to keep in mind is that CM and RDI are very much alike. What I try to do with Pamela is make her narrations more RDI-friendly. After she narrates a book, we talk about what the book reminds her of and I use it as a chance to work on episodic memory. I blogged two posts about that recently, and it might give you some ideas.

We are hoping to get a consultant in a year and are building up the finances for that. But, in the meantime, I am an RDI lone ranger like you. It is harder to go it alone without a consultant and access to RDI-os, but I do see progress in my parenting style and Pamela's openess! That is what counts for me.