Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do Not Try This At Home

Okay, to explain the whole Poison Control phone call. So i'm talking with our consultant on monday and she suggests an activity that sounds just great for simultaneous rcr pattern. Soapy water and straws. Need I say more?? The whole thing was caught on tape too, since i was videoing for this weeks mailing. (We mail our vhs's to the consultant). It was Tigger of course, that ended up with a very clean stomach. Especially after the vomiting. Do you think it was better because it was castile soap?? I don't know. Tigger has a very negative episodic memory of the whole thing. "Mommy, i don't want to play that game anymore. That's not a very good game." I agree whole heartedly. At least for this house.

And just in case you were wondering. The whole point was for Pooh to be following my lead and blowing bubbles with the straw at the same time i was. Of course, my little Tigger couldn't be left out of all the fun. And yes, i did explain about not sucking it up. Note: If you let go of the straw with your hands, and your mouth is still holding the straw, you might suck up liquid whether you're trying to or not. Maybe it's following the whole yoga theory of arms extended=in breath.

Ok, now i'm just being silly. It's late though so "suck it up".

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