Thursday, March 4, 2010

What are YOU looking at?!?

This is our snowman with a bad attitude. Hee Hee The King helped Tigger get him together and then when Tigger wasn't looking he added some embellishments. I went out to look and started laughing hysterically and was taking photos. Tigger had an absolute COW because he hated the 'hair'. That just made me laugh harder. Sometimes it's just hard to be a parent. Eventually, Tigger did remove the offending parts. Two days later he went out and banged off the head with a stick.

Pooh helped The King do the other snowman and they added this guy's decorations together. There was no bloody ending to this guy.
The snowmen came from a February snow. This week we had another snowfall which was a surprise because we were expecting mostly rain. It was a nice wet snow which allowed some great snowball fighting.

I know Tigger has gotten over his problems with his snowman because he can laugh about it now. He even said it was like him! (bad attitude)

We've been very happy with our many snowfalls this year. It is highly unusual for us to get this many snow storms. We are loving it! Tigger just wants more and more for snowboarding purposes. I'm about ready for spring though. I have gardening to get to and these unusually low temps are messing with my schedule now. Can't have that!!!!


The Glasers said...

What creative snowmen!!!!! Your pictures almost convinced me that I like snow.

Sparklee said...

Those are great snowmen! (Even with a bad attitude!) Looks like fun!