Friday, March 19, 2010


Look at the post I found hiding as a draft! LOL I must have started this in March before spring activities took over my life. We really had fun with this study of the forsythia bush. Most of you probably already know how this works---you take some cuttings of a bush that flowers in the spring and then you 'force' them. That just basically means they are 'forced' to bloom before their natural time. This happens because our homes are warmer than the outside environment they've been in for so long.

Pooh's drawing is insightful as usual. The forsythia buds point downward. Once they start to open, you notice how the greenery heads upward and the bloom continues in a downward direction.

Here you can see more how from the one bud area, one bloom and one stalk of greenery develops.

One of the best things to cheer you on a cold winter day is to look at some yellow blooms.
This is definitely something we'll do again. It's easy, lasts quite a while and provides excellent observation opportunities. Put it on your calendars now to try in late February. That should work for most climates.

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hicksgirl93 said...

This is cool! Your boys are getting big. I'm not currently home schooling but I still enjoy stopping by my fellow Home schooling sistahs and catching up from time to time.