Monday, June 1, 2009

April '09 Vacation Pictures-Day 4

Our last day of vacation...

Tigger was a big help to Dad in packing up the van. He maneuvered the rope as directed to secure items. I think he was having quite a bit of fun up there. He does very well with the master/apprentice aspect.

The boys enjoyed some play time together. This was their last beach experience and it was another new one. The tide was out and had left behind a nice tide pool. They built a castle on the 'island' and floated boats to it.

My wave rider! He looked very professional as he went out and rowed his arms to come back to shore.

One of our camping families joined us this last day at the beach for a couple of hours. Tigger enjoys the company of little ones younger than him as much as his own age peers. He'll pat the top of this little one's head. He thinks she's "so cute". He's right!

The little cutie in the above picture has an older brother that both my boys enjoy playing with. We'll call him L. L is fascinated by all living things. He made a little tide pool on their island and started collecting creatures he'd found. CM would be so proud! ;D

L got this little pool filled with creatures.

Like this one. He calls them 'weird ones'. I have no idea if that's what they're normally called but I think the name fits. He bites too according to L.

There were several hermit crabs as well.

Pooh built a castle on the edge of the tide pool and watched the tide come in and destroy it. It was neat watching the water slowly take over the beach again. I'm glad we stayed long enough to enjoy that part.

This is Tigger in full 'Stitch' mode. Create and destroy.

We ended our last day at a locally recommended seafood restaurant. This was our one splurge on the trip and it was sooo nice. Right on the water with boats going by and delicious food. It's called the Blue Water Grill. We enjoyed the whole meal, from appetizer to the great big dessert they served us with 4 forks.

Waiting for the grub.

Baby back ribs appetizer--yummy and messy!

Our view from the table.

Pooh brought along his own boat for company.

That's it for this vacation experience! We had loads of fun and created many episodic memories!

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