Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fight Nature Deficit Disorder October 11-13th!!!

Make Tracks!™ Family Trail Weekend!

The National Wildlife Foundation is hosting the first ever 'Make Tracks' A family Trail Weekend. The purpose is to get you and your kids outside rediscovering nature. I think these initiatives are great. I love the Great Backyard Birdcount in February. I would like to start collecting these different nature programs for everyone to keep track of. If you know of other ones (no matter what time of year), please let me know and I'll compile a post and hopefully get them on my side bar too.

We should be able to participate in Make Tracks. Actually for the next two weekends we will be at state parks barring bad weather. We will be heading to Pilot Mountain State Park this weekend for a homeschool hike. Our homeschool group has an Athletic group where the kids sign up to participate in different activities (hikes, bike rides, field day, etc) and they will receive a badge for each thing they accomplish. Cool, huh!?! The following Saturday, we have a family day and I believe we will be heading to Stone Mountain State Park. It should be beautiful because the colors have started to change.

My next job is to get our Tree Study underway. I think we'll be starting it today and expanding on it tomorrow after Pooh's Art class.

I better hop to it! ;D


live4evermom said...

Don't forget I have that notebooking page for tree study we did. I'll post about it again and put up some pictures. I'll check out that Make Tracks site. Love reading your blog.

Anne Keisman, Green Hour said...

Thanks so much for linking to Make Tracks! It's the first year, and we hope there will be enough interest to make it an annual tradition.

Be sure to check out the "Find A Trail Near You" link. Just put in your zip code and a great list of trails in your area pops up!

Anne Keisman
Online Media Coordinator
Green Hour