Wednesday, May 28, 2008


No I haven't bought any. LOL However, my neighbor did. We technically live in the county and while I'm in a development that doesn't allow livestock, the guy next door can have a farm if he wants to. So, one day I'm hearing a rooster crowing and the next thing I know 4 hens and a rooster are wandering the neighborhood. They usually stay on his property but occasionally will wander back behind our fence. (Good thing for the fence because I think our dog would have Chicken Au Natural if she got the chance.)

In our mad rush of gardening this weekend the hens came right up to our fence. So I got the boys' attention and suggested they watch them. Pooh was crowing and actually did a really good imitation of the way this rooster crows. Then the chickens moved off back to the neighbor's property and the boys got their jeeps (aka bikes) and rode off on the adventure of finding wild chickens. There is a service road between our properties and it curves around the back of the neighbor's. The boys have permission to explore back there. So off they rode. A couple of times I asked them to find out something about the chickens, like how many toes they had. "I wonder what they're looking for as they scratch the ground?"

It was a very cool, impromtu, nature study. My next plan is to get out our Handbook of Nature Study and read through to find some interesting facts to impart upon their young brains. ;D

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The Glasers said...

Chickens and roosters! How cool! I would love to see pictures some time!!!