Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've decided that we could use some work on the habit of cheerfulness around here. I've noticed that Pooh's decidedly grumpy nature has somewhat rubbed off on Tigger. Simple requests are being met with much ill humour or downright backtalking. We have tried for a long time to figure out a way to talk with Pooh to lessen his negative reactions to things, but as of yet, we have no sure fire cure.

What I know I need to improve on is going thru a lot of self-talk for me personally, so that he can hear and apply it himself. One time when he was upset with his little brother in Walmart, I think he must have tried to get him in some way because I remember Tigger complaining about it. My response that time went over well and it's the kind of reaction I would like to do more of, be more aware of. "I know my sweet boy, Pooh would never do something like that. He loves his brother." I got a little smile back and all was peaceful. Most of the time however, we get "That's it!" "You're fired!" "I'm leaving this family!" etc.

So, on Monday I started talking about doing things with a smile. Tried "catching" a smile on Pooh's face when he was putting away books. He tried really hard not to smile on that one. It did change his mood after a couple of tries.

Here's an article I found interesting. After reading it, I was happy the first thing I thought to teach was a smile! :D

Here are some motivational quotes worth looking at.

Acts 17:22- "Be of good cheer"


The Glasers said...

Charlotte Mason discussed this when she wrote about changing your thoughts, especially in the sections on the will. One living book that may help you is Pollyanna--her "being glad" game is one way to work on cheerfulness.

BTW, guess who signed up for her first RDA yesterday with Amy Cameron.

keri said...

I like that article on 'Tips for Increasing Cheerfulness'...I printed it out for Hubby!!

timbuck2mom said...

I enjoyed the link on cheerfulness and even emailed it to someone else. Thanks. :)

jamie in rose cottage said...

Great thoughts; thanks for sharing!