Saturday, February 25, 2012

Williamsburg Part 3

This trip included Jamestown and Yorktown.  I actually liked these places better because they were more physical:  you can touch and run through history as opposed to just listening and looking.

Powhatan Village

 Ships at Jamestown.  The people that work here are VERY friendly to kids and are willing to answer all kinds of questions.  Something I can't say about who we met at Williamsburg.

 Glass blowing.


This man said he was an ex-schoolteacher.  He was probably an amazing teacher.  He spent about 30 minutes with the boys explaining all about the guns, the fighting back then, the encampment.  He was amazing!  He was funny and informative all at the same time.   If there had been a tip jar there, I would have left a big one!!!

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