Thursday, May 28, 2009

April '09 Vacation Pictures-Day 2

After a camp breakfast of pancakes prepared by one of our moms, we headed to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. We were able to receive FREE admission! It's something that the aquarium will provide to state homeschoolers one time a year. Cool, huh?!?

Our group entering the aquarium.

The Wood Duck. Proof that God is the greatest artist.

Special effect photo. Two turtles and one reflection.

Happy stingrays. They were actually bouncing up and down against the glass. I figured they were happy. ;D

Tigger gets some instruction on holding and touching a horseshoe crab.

Young sea turtle. Once again, a nice reflection.

The divers went into the big tank to scrape algae.

The Hammerhead Shark goes pretty fast by the viewing windows.

Pooh's favorite drinks are Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. He paid for his own soda from a machine. A first on all counts.

Tigger goofing around as usual. I guess the frog needed a little sugar boost.

Up next, another bout of history for Pooh as we visit the Ft. Fisher Civil War Museum. This is free to the public. We only had time to tour the actual museum on this day. On Day 3 we returned to tour the grounds and see one of the battlements that was built.

This canon is outside the front of the museum.

Enclosed in glass is a model of the battle at Ft. Fisher. You press a button and it tells you the story along with certain areas lighting up with the explanations. Pooh found it fascinating.

Later that evening we visited the beach where Pooh and Tigger didn't let the cold water get in the way of their enjoyment.

Pooh loves putting boats in the water and watching the waves crash over them.

Getting late. Time to head home for a nice camp dinner and warm fire.

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live4evermom said...

I bet they were exhausted after all that. Great day!