Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Picture for Posterity

Tigger had a bump. A very Big Bump this week. This picture ended up highlighting it well once I switched it to Sepia view. You see that nice goose egg on his forehead???

We went ice skating. That should say it all. However, I will give you a few extra details. We went with a group of homeschoolers and I was happily talking with a few of the moms. I did have my skates on just in case I needed to help one of the boys on the ice or they needed me to take a turn with them, whatever. So, somebody suddenly gets our attention and then I heard it--Tigger yelling and crying. I sat with him for maybe about 5 minutes. The whole time he told me he hit his nose. "Um, ok, nose looks good, no blood. You're good to go." Off he skates for another 30 minutes before it was time to leave. (I'm not one of those moms that freaks out at that kind of stuff. Of course if his leg had come off, that might be a different matter.....)

As we're leaving he informs me he feels a bump on his head. It's under his bang area. I look and "Good Grief!" He may have hit his nose too, but what really hit was obviously the kid's forehead. What's that all about???? What you see in the picture is a little less of what I saw. By that time, it had actually gone down a little. We applied the ice pack I had packed for our snacks. He even walked through Lowes Foods carrying it before we got back to the house.

And, as a good mommy should, I Googled "goose eggs on forehead" and got back very helpful information to make sure he didn't have any major brain injury. ;D

Tigger tends to be our accident prone child due to his being so 'bouncy'. The bump is actually in the same spot that as a toddler he went diving off a couch and was stabbed in the forehead by a plastic spiderman finger. That should have had a couple of stitches but me, being a Dr-phobe, applied butterfly bandaids. The spiderman deal was not on my watch by the way. LOL I actually arrived at the sitter's house as it happened. You can imagine my joy to come in when blood was spurting out of his forehead. Sigh...... That's nothing though compared to the poor kid's hand after riding on a homemade go-kart. Another story, another day. Did I mention he was accident prone???

(Yes, that's the Latin King in the picture. Now you know what he looks like!)


live4evermom said...

Oh those goose eggs! My oldest when he was little ran into a corner of a wall at the assembly hall and he screamed. I looked he was ok. One minute later he had this huge ball on his forehead. Talk about scarring a new mom.

Now that we've seen the Latin King it's your turn. *wink* Why do we moms never come out in the pictures? hhhmmmmm

The Glasers said...

The same thought about finally getting to see "the King" crossed my mind too . . . :-) I am sure your debut is not far behind!

How is Tigger feeling today. My kids have had nearly everything but a goose egg between the two of them!