Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Way to Cure Hiccups (or Not)

As we're eating dinner, I all of a sudden got very terrible, deep hiccups. It was right after taking a sip of The Latin King's wine.

Next thing I knew, he had slammed both his fists down on the table. The glass went flying! Wine spilled on the floor, on his clothes and splattered the pantry doors.

He did it to surprise me into losing the hiccups.

It worked!!!!! ;P


live4evermom said...

That will teach you not to take a sip out of his glass again. hehehe

Just: Carolyn said...

Oh myyy!! Just reading this made me jump inside! hahaha Glad it worked for ya! ;-)


The Glasers said...

Oh, how cute!!!! And clever!!!!

teachingmom08 said...

I just have one question, who cleaned up the mess? *wink* lol!