Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm in full scheduling mode. I'd actually like to create something that is workable and not overly ambitious. (Wouldn't we all! LOL) As homeschoolers, we do tend to be overly ambitious and most of us really get into the paperwork of scheduling. Putting it into practice is where I tend to start falling apart.

This year I'm planning on adding in separate times for Tigger to receive readings. I think he needs his own time. One, because he's five and craves the attention. Two, because he is taking over Pooh's narration time. They inevitably argue over who narrates first, how long each one is taking and "he said what I was going to say!". It doesn't exactly promote brotherly affection.

So, I've been pouring over the books I have, Year 0 Ambleside Online suggestions and googling to my little hearts content over how to incorporate their schedules so that we don't have interruptions, both are getting what they need, and I still have a brain when we're done.

I'm hunting down ways to go over character/habit training too. I saw a cool idea (don't know that this will actually get done but it's a good idea!) for a Tree! You could call it a 'value tree' or 'quality tree' or whatever. The basic idea was for a classroom. You have one of those trees on posted on the wall like what public school teachers use for names or whatever, but instead you have leaves for each quality you will discuss. One week per quality. You could conceivably make as many of these leaves as you want and have one separate one for each week of the year. As I said, I like the idea, I just think it might fizzle out as the year goes on. However, we might could just post the qualities somehow. If I presented it as a ship with sails and having good qualities as a sailor, that would go over even better with my boys. LOL

Today we actually tested out a little schedule that I've come up with. I'm going to continue it for a week or so before posting it here. I want to make sure it doesn't fizzle out like so many things. It went really well today. Very short lessons. I knew what was coming next and it didn't take an incredibly long time. It actually went a little quicker than what i had down on paper. Woo Hoo!!!

Our one big problem is getting going in the mornings. We have morning routines posted for the boys. They have breakfast and then are supposed to start on their chores. These aren't complicated by any means, but it seems to take them a long time and I'm constantly having to go behind and keep them moving. I have to make a rule for Pooh that there's no book reading until he's done. He'll just stop for a while and look at a book if I don't keep on top of him. Tigger is known to be found staring at the list for a good length of time without actually moving. When he is moving, it's in the wrong direction. He keeps coming to tell me every little thought that pops into his head.

I'm really open for suggestions on this last part. What's worked for you?


The Glasers said...

In Volume 1, Charlotte talks about treating a new habit like nursing a child through measles. You stick with it diligently until the habit is formed. You could try sticking with him like glue and using nonverbal reminders such as looking toward the chore list or saying indirect things like "I wonder what is next." Maybe you can treat this like a scaffolded task to be worked side-by-side until they seem ready to work through it independently. At least if you are near him, he does not have to stop working to tell you every little thought in his head! LOL!

MasterpieceMom said...

I have thought of the sticking like glue bit. I've been biting the bullet to do it more often but am not consistent at it yet.

The two of them together are always a handful. One day when my sister was visiting, they swarmed into the kitchen looking for snacks, moving chairs around to get things etc.

She compared them to velociraptors!! ROFLOL They do tend to be overwhelming at times. he he

live4evermom said...

I can't wait to hear about your schedule. I do agree that having separate times for some things works at our house.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i think the glasers have some great ideas. one thing we do..which is also start small. so master said task 1..then move to 2..etc.etc... make it successful from the get go..