Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Laundromat RDI

My washing machine has really bit the dust this time. It needs a part, that IF it were available, would cost over $150. But, of course, our machine is too old and the part is "unavailable". sob sob That means that until we get another machine, I'm using a laundromat. ugh I forgot how expensive it is to wash clothes in those places. The three of us could've had a nice lunch at Panera for how much it cost to wash clothes on Monday. sigh

Anyway, I thought that since I had to drag the 3 of us and the clothes (and the baskets and the washing liquid, etc etc) over there and spend 3 hours doing it, I was going to make it worth the time. We did RDI stuff all over the place. Pooh helped carry the baskets-each of us taking one end and Regulating our way to the van, from van to the machine, from place back to the van, and from van back to the house. We also threw clothes in washers together, took them out together, put in dryer together. This involved him having to make sure the cart was where I needed it for the clothes. Helping open and shut doors. This I did with the current objective in mind. Thinking of all the steps and making sure it was a 50/50 project. We probably could have done more of that kind of stuff, but the kids were distracted by the VIDEO GAMES (big sigh) in there.

I also brought books so that we did some reading together too. I didn't want boredom to set in so I made sure we had the books and plenty of snacks and drinks. It wasn't so bad, but by the time I got home I needed a little "mommy-time" so I got my drink and sat at the computer to read other blogs. :D

Which brings to mind that HarvestMom is ending her blog on Jacob's Journey. Boo Hoo I got seriously teary eyed when I read this. For me, it was wonderful and yet I feel a little let down too. They have been doing RDI for three years now and just look at how far they've gotten!! She feels that they are on a normal developmental path. So in that way I'm cheering for them and for RDI. On the other hand, our journey is just beginning and I so hope that in a few years I can get to that same point. Starting RDI at age 9 with Pooh is so different from Jacob's starting at age 3. I try to remember that I can only look to what I need to do now. Not what I wish I knew and had done several years ago. I'm certainly conflicted inside about the whole thing. Not to say that I'm not absolutely thrilled for them at the same time. I'll still be reading at their regular family/home school blog Along the Crooked Path though so I'll be able to keep up with how things are going. I will miss all HarvestMom's good RDI insight. That's for sure. So, Good Wishes to them and all the other RDI families out there trying for remediation with their children. May we all have a great measure of success.


The Glasers said...

Don't feel too bad: Pamela is an old lady at 18 years of age, and yet she is making wonderful progress. I was telling Dr. Sheeley about her last night at the free RDI chat for lone rangers and she was surprised at how quickly Pamela picked up referencing and is deliberately adding nonverbal communication to her repertoire.

I am sorry about the washer! Did you try scoring the old parts online? Oh, and count me as another Panera fan!!! Yum, I love their French onion soup in a bread basket!

The Glasers said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I think it is awesome you are making the best of having to wash clothes at the laundromat. You are right that there are so many master-apprentice things you can find to do!

Adventures In RDI said...

Hi there,

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Aspergertopia. I popped over to yours and have enjoyed reading about your RDI journey. You have given me lots of great ideas. Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my site, Adventures in RDI?

MasterpieceMom said...

Sure, link me up Scotty! :p
I have no problem with other bloggers linking my blog to theirs as long as it's related. ie homeschooling, autism, rdi.

Thanks for the comments guys!